COVID-19: Berlusconi’s state of health “stable” after his hospitalization

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The state of health of the former head of the Italian government Silvio Berlusconi, hospitalized Thursday evening with a pulmonary infection due to COVID-19, is “stable”, which aroused Saturday a “cautious optimism, but reasonable” .

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His attending physician at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Alberto Zangrillo, informed by press release “that the clinical conditions of patient Silvio Berlusconi remain stable”.

“The respiratory and clinical setting confirms a regular and expected evolution [de la maladie] and therefore leads to cautious, but reasonable optimism, ”said the brief statement from the hospital.

Silvio Berlusconi, 84 in three weeks, announced Wednesday evening that he had tested positive for COVID-19. In the process, two of his children, Barbara, 36, and Luigi, 31, as well as his new partner, Marta Fascina, 30, were also taken.

Following a Thursday night check-up at his home, Dr Zangrillo urged Silvio Berlusconi to accept hospitalization the same night.

During his press conference on Friday, the doctor said that the Cavaliere “can be defined as a patient at risk because of his age and his old pathologies”, including an open heart intervention.

Referring to “an infection of the lungs diagnosed at an early stage”, Dr.r Zangrillo had specified, Friday, that the clinical situation of Silvio Berlusconi was “quiet, comforting”.

“He is not intubated, he breathes independently, the parameters are reassuring,” he assured.

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