Couple dies of COVID-19 four minutes apart, hand in hand

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Heartbreaking story in the United States: A husband and wife, married for 48 years, died hand in hand after a battle against COVID-19, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“They were together for 50 years in total and have walked hand in hand all these years,” said Shan Peoples, son of the couple, in an interview relayed Thursday by the channel CNN.

A week earlier, the novel coronavirus ended the days of her 67-year-old father, Johnny Lee Peoples, and 65-year-old mother, Cathy Darlene Peoples.

The couple had been battling the virus for 30 days. Their health deteriorated rapidly.

Cathy Darlene Peoples was only days away from retirement.

“My mother’s symptoms were mainly fever and loss of taste,” said Peoples. My dad started showing symptoms two days later. About two weeks later, the two were placed in intensive care. Everything deteriorated, everything got worse. “

When it became clear the end was near for the couple, hospital staff reunited the two in their sixties.

“They put them together in the same room and put their hands together. The nurses gathered around them. They died four minutes apart. ”

The funeral took place on Thursday.

Shane Peoples hopes people will take away from this story that COVID-19 is deadly. “I don’t want people to suffer. I don’t want anyone to feel the pain that we feel, ”he said.

In a Facebook post, Shane Peoples said his parents took the pandemic seriously, but they still contracted the disease and lost their lives. He implores his fellow Americans to wear the mask, wash their hands and practice physical distancing.

The most affected country on the planet by coronavirus disease, the United States has nearly 6.4 million confirmed cases and nearly 192,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University on Thursday evening.

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