Council to discuss works on Mount Kushtau will appear in Bashkiria

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The head of Bashkiria, Radiy Khabirov, supported the initiative of activists to create a council, which will discuss issues related to the development of the Shikhan Kushtau. This is stated in a message published on August 16 on the website of the head of the republic.

It is reported that Khabirov supported this idea during a meeting with activists opposed to the development of the shihan.

“We all need to stop. There are many questions you have for me and I have for you. I ask the most active people to sit down with us at the negotiating table. One request: decide and choose the elders. We’ll talk tomorrow. We are ready to deal with the situation bit by bit, ”he said.

Khabirov also managed to agree on the withdrawal of the police and the end of the spontaneous rally, after which the activists began to disperse.

Earlier on Sunday, it was reported that Khabirov announced the suspension of work on Mount Kushtau.

On the eve of 22 activists who oppose the development of limestone on Mount Kushtau in Bashkiria, were detained by law enforcement officers.

According to the head of the Greenpeace program for specially protected areas, Mikhail Kreindlin, the situation worsened after the employees of the private security company, with the support of riot police, began to disperse the camp of activists on Mount Kushtau.

Earlier on Saturday, it became known about clashes between eco-activists and employees of the private security company on Mount Kushtau. They opposed the development of the mountain by the Bashkir Soda Company. Several dozen people are on duty in the camp on a permanent basis, there are women and children.

A year ago, the Bashkir Raw Materials Company received a license to develop the shihan for a period of 20 years. Public figures and scientists asked the head of the republic, Radiy Khabirov, to cancel the decision, but he said that it is impossible to stop strategic production and leave thousands of employees unemployed.

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