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People with weakened immunity can get sick with COVID-19 again. This was stated to “Vechernyaya Moskva” by an immunologist-allergist Vladimir Bolibok.

“People fell ill again in the case of serious illnesses that worsen the functioning of the immune system, with oncology, taking immunosuppressants. But these are drops in the sea, a fraction of a percent of the total number of those who have been ill, “he said.

According to the immunologist, if a person has already had a coronavirus and after contact with an infected person, then he may become an asymptomatic carrier of the infection.

Bolibok said that after the inflammatory process caused by the disease ends in the body, antibodies of different classes remain. Class M antibodies disappear within eight weeks, and class A antibodies within four to six months.

Class G antibodies can last for years – they, according to the doctor, remain with those who fell ill in China in December, and it is they who should protect a person after vaccination.

“The regularities after vaccination are the same as after the illness: antibodies remain,” he added.

The expert noted that it is possible that the coronavirus can mutate, and then the antibodies produced will not help.

The physician emphasized that it is not worth fearing re-infection if the person has no other health problems. On the contrary, contact with the virus after an illness has even improved immunity to some extent.

Bolibok added that most people who have already undergone coronavirus have immunity for a long time. “The maximum observation period is from December 2019, when the first patients appeared in Wuhan. They still have immunity, ”he concluded.

Earlier, on November 16, it was reported that scientists from the La Jolla Institute of Immunology in the United States found that immunity in people who have had COVID-19 can persist for six or more months.

All relevant information on the situation with the coronavirus is available on the websites of stopcoronavirus.rf and accessvsem.rf, as well as by the hashtag #WeV Together. Coronavirus hotline: 8 (800) 2000-112.

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