Coronavirus hospitals in Belgorod lack doctors

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Representatives of the authorities of the Belgorod region propose to attract doctors from private clinics

Denis Butsaev, First Vice Governor of the Belgorod Region, announced the need to “mobilize all the capacities” on his pages in social networks.

“The region’s healthcare system is under tremendous pressure. I hope that by attracting doctors from private clinics, it will be possible to reduce the shortage of health workers, ”writes a representative of the Belgorod government.

Recall that in the autumn height of the covid infection in the region, there was a clear shortage of doctors. Some healthcare professionals have found it necessary to take twice as much work for a double rate. Thus, they cover the lack of colleagues in regional hospitals and hospitals. The authorities note that they are ready to hire doctors from the regions closest to Belgorod.

The first deputy head of the regional health department, Lyudmila Krylova, noted yesterday, October 21, that so far only 8 doctors who previously worked in private clinics have agreed to continue working with patients infected with coronavirus. In total, the region needs, according to preliminary estimates, 122 specialists.

Lyudmila Krylova also said that it is planned to hold negotiations with the heads of private clinics. The authorities will ask to allow their specialists to move to temporary work in state medical institutions.

It is curious that doctors are not guaranteed “special” conditions. You can count on a surcharge, but on what – the officials have not announced yet.

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