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Rainbow food or rainbow food is a trend that came to us quite recently, a couple of years ago. The chefs prepare colorful donuts, cupcakes, cakes, paint pasta and pancakes in rainbow colors. The trend has also reached Asian cuisine – sushi men paint rice, use colored nori and caviar, select bright vegetables and seafood for the filling. But the variant with multi-colored rice still looks most impressive. Including because the shape of the rolls is ideal for creating a rainbow.

Let’s try to cook bright sushi with colored rice with the company “Sushi World” – a manufacturer of professional products for the preparation of Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine.

Why has this trend become popular and why use it?

There is a lot of competition among sushi bars now – it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish themselves by the speed of delivery, the quality of the products or the price. It’s a good idea to differentiate yourself from the competition with original menu items. Guests like to order dishes that they have never seen anywhere else. Rainbow rolls are great for this purpose. In addition, colorful food attracts – arouses curiosity in adults and delight in children.

Besides, bright sushi is very festive. For events, they are more likely to order original and memorable dishes, because many people want to surprise friends, colleagues, or please children.

Another advantage of rainbow rolls is that they look spectacular in photographs. This means that the restaurant’s website, menus, advertising banners, posters and leaflets will attract more attention, which means more visitors. Plus, people love to photograph beautiful food and share it on social media, which is free advertising for the establishment.

Thus, rainbow rolls can become the hallmark of a restaurant. Moreover, the addition of color has almost no effect on the cost of the dish.

How to color rice?

Of course, the easiest way is to take food colors of different colors. But the use of exclusively natural dyes is considered aerobatics. Here’s how you can make your food look rosy without chemistry:

Green – spinach or spirulina powder.

Yellow is turmeric.

Peppermint – Turmeric + Spirulina.

Red – beetroot powder or juice.

Orange – beet juice + turmeric.

Purple – purple cabbage.

Blue is a pinch of baking soda.

Black – cuttlefish ink or activated carbon.

Basically, this number of colors is quite enough: almost any shade can be obtained from red, green, blue and yellow. The main thing is that you can delight your guests with beautiful, fashionable and absolutely natural food!

How to color rice?

It may seem that preparing such rolls is time consuming and time consuming. This is not true: if you make the blanks in advance, then the preparation of the colored roll will take no more time than usual.

Boil rice. In separate bowls, mix it with the desired dyes. Now the most difficult thing is to spread the rice. We take into account the length of the mat – 10 centimeters. And also a lot of rice in a finished roll. Let’s take 140 grams as an example. This means that you need to form 7 balls of rice, 20 grams each. Next, we form strips of these balls on the mat at a short distance from each other. The stripes should be about 1.5 centimeters wide. Then we carefully connect them, align them along the length and slightly press them with a mat.

The rainbow rice mat is ready! Fill it with the filling and roll as you normally would. But do not forget to make sure that the roll looks neat.

What to look for when painting?

In order for the rainbow roll to turn out beautiful, and its color even, it is important to use high-quality rice. Chalk and crushed grains will not stain well. This will make the rice look messy and stained. This means that a good roll will not work.

Try experimenting with ASA rice. It is ideal for coloring. This is rice of the highest grade in accordance with GOST, so there are no impurities, crushed and chalky grains in it. It is white before and after cooking. Also, in ASA rice, the grains are the same size. Thanks to these properties, it is evenly painted over and the color is bright and saturated.

Try making colorful sushi and rolls in your kitchen. It’s not as difficult as it might seem, and the result really justifies the means in this case.

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