Colombia is looking for foreigners preparing an assassination attempt on the country’s president

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Colombian law enforcement agencies are looking for two foreigners who were allegedly preparing an assassination attempt on the country’s President Ivan Duque Marquez. This was reported on September 26 by the El Tempo newspaper.

“Intelligence (law enforcement) units have teamed up to find two foreigners in the country to attack the President and his family <...> Thanks to (our) informant, we know that these people are experts in the use of sniper weapons and that they recently arrived in the country, “- said a source in the government of Colombia.

Earlier, on September 26, it became known that two foreigners were preparing an attempt on the life of Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez. It is clarified that the assassination attempt was prepared by “one person of Russian nationality, and the other – Israeli.” No other details of the incident are given. According to the radio station, the military and police are on high alert.

On July 2, a Colombian court ruled to suspend the activities of a US military group in the country pending Senate approval.

The verdict was delivered by the Administrative Court of the Metropolitan Department of Cundinamarca. According to him, President Marquez is obliged to suspend all activities of the US military in Colombia for the next 48 hours. In addition, the head of state must send to the Senate all information regarding the arrival, stay and activities of US military personnel.

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