Clashes with police in Minneapolis over “accidental” murder

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The firing of the head of the police department and the officer who shot the African American in Minnesota did not dampen public outrage.

Police Department Chief Tim Gannon and Officer Kim Potter have both resigned. Potter stated that she shot Dante Wright by accident, having mistakenly drew a combat pistol instead of a stun gun. Unfortunately, the resignation announcements did not calm the public. The clashes between the population and the police have been going on for the third night. The murder took place in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the atmosphere was previously quite tense in connection with the trial of a former police officer accused of the murder of George Floyd. Minneapolis has a state of emergency and a curfew from 19:00 to 06:00. On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, April 13-14, residents of the city threw stones and combustible mixtures at the central police office, law enforcement officers responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. More than 60 people were detained.