Chronicles of coronavirus in the Tver region: the main thing for December 18

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According to the latest relevant data for December 17, another 235 people fell ill with coronavirus in the Tver region, four died, 292 recovered and were discharged from hospitals. The regional government has also updated the COVID-19 distribution map – read in which areas they found new infected.

Over the entire period of the spread of the virus in the Tver region, 18,962 cases of infections, 13,758 recoveries and 426 deaths were recorded.

It became known that four more laboratories for research on coronavirus will be opened in the Tver region, and families with children under 7 will receive a New Year’s gift – a payment of five thousand rubles. The President announced this at a press conference on December 17. He spoke about the minimum wage and about the usual payments to families.

At the same press conference, a doctor from the Tver region addressed a doctor who said that they had not paid “covid” allowances. The regional Ministry of Health immediately figured out the situation – details here.

Our correspondent analyzed the history of the purchase of “leftist” certificates about the absence of covid. You can read useful and interesting material at the link where we wrote what such a step is fraught with and whether it is worth throwing money down the drain, risking your health and people’s lives.

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