Christmas in Germany: no mixing of friends with family

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In agreement with Chancellor Angela Merkel and the ministers and presidents of the federal states, concessions in Germany will only be valid for the period between December 24 and 26. However, some federal states are tightening the general restrictive rules.

For example, residents of North Rhine-Westphalia from December 24 to 26 are allowed to meet either with friends from one other family, or with their closest relatives from several families. It is impossible to meet both relatives and friends at the same time. And also all meetings are limited by the number of people. The number of adults over 14 years old must not exceed five people, including the hosts who are meeting. These explanations were published by the Ministry of Health of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The restrictions and the introduced rules left some freedom of interpretation, for example, for single people. They can invite friends or neighbors to visit. However, if they have plans to celebrate with their family: brothers and sisters, as well as their family members, then friends and neighbors cannot be invited. If the partners of the children live separately, in different apartments, they cannot join the holiday.

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