Christina Asmus spoke about the incident in the camp, for which she is ashamed

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Russian actress Kristina Asmus, the star of the series “Interns”, who is in divorce proceedings with comedian Garik Kharlamov, admitted on her Instagram that when she was 12 years old, an incident occurred with her in a children’s camp, for which she is still ashamed.

According to the actress, a competition for the best drawing was held in the camp. But I had to draw myself.

“I didn’t and I don’t know how to draw from the word“ absolutely ”. One girl suggested drawing a portrait instead of me,” said Christina.

According to the actress, the portrait came out simply amazing and she was awarded first place. But she never admitted that she was not the author of the drawing.

“Exactly 20 years have passed. I periodically recall this story and I am ashamed to this day ….”, Christina admitted.

Users noted that everyone has stories that can only be told after many years. And one subscriber expressed a wish that that girl was found and would write a message to Christina on Instagram.

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