China declares unwillingness to concede to US on Iran issue

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China will not make concessions to Washington on the Iranian issue, despite threats from the American side to impose sanctions on Beijing and Moscow. This was announced on August 22 by Wang Yi from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

According to him, the US position in the situation with Iran is inappropriate, and threats to impose sanctions against countries that refuse to comply with sanctions against Tehran are a provocation.

Wang Yi recalled Washington’s withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), in connection with which the United States lost the right to launch the mechanism of “rapid restoration of restrictions.”

“Now they are ready to apply sanctions against everyone who does not agree with Washington’s position, that is, to take even wilder and more absurd steps,” the press service of the Chinese Foreign Ministry quoted the minister as saying.

The Chinese diplomat noted that by their actions, the United States is displeasing the world community and undermining confidence in itself, writes TASS.

“They themselves do not adhere to the obligations they have undertaken,” he stressed.

Wang Yi added that Beijing is in favor of maintaining the “nuclear deal” with Iran and will not change its position.

On August 20, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo notified the UN Security Council of Washington’s decision to renew sanctions against Iran. The American side wants to introduce an arms embargo and a ban on uranium enrichment. Pompeo expressed hope for the support of the Security Council and the restoration of international restrictions in 30 days.

Russia, Germany, France and Great Britain have already spoken out against.

Iran’s Permanent Representative to the organization Majid Takht-Ravanchi expressed confidence that no sanctions would be introduced.

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