Children’s railway in Novomoskovsk will operate without passengers

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On the children’s railway of the Moscow Railway in Novomoskovsk, Tula region, the summer operational season opened on August 11, but this year it will pass without passengers according to the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor.

The press center of the Moscow Railway informs that young railway workers will learn the basics of the profession, after all, they studied theoretical material for a whole year. The guys will try themselves as machinists, assistant machinists, station attendants, train builders, switchmen, rolling stock repairmen.

Practice on small highways will take place in 20 specialties. Due to the coronavirus situation, summer practice is carried out in compliance with epidemiological requirements. Before the shift, the trainees are measured their temperature and given personal protective equipment. There are hand sanitizers on site.

In some places, social markings were applied: office and technical premises, rolling stock, platforms. In June, the guys were at home, and the industrial practice was conducted online: video materials of individual and team assignments, reinforcing professional knowledge. Within the boundaries of the Moscow Railway there are two children’s railways.

They are located in Kratov near Moscow and Novomoskovsk in the Tula region and are centers of tourism and career guidance. Every year more than 60% of graduates of small railways become students of secondary and higher railway educational institutions. Schoolchildren starting from grade 5 can become students of the children’s railway.

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