Cherepovchanka transferred 3.5 million rubles to scammers

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For several hours, the pensioner faithfully transferred her savings to the attackers 239 times 15 thousand rubles each.

To the subscriber number of a woman born in 1959 an unknown person called and introduced himself as a police officer from Moscow, said that suspicious transactions were being carried out on the account of a resident of Cherepovets. To which the woman said that she had no savings in this bank. The “policeman” promised to check everything and call back. A few minutes later another man called and introduced himself as a bank security officer. He also reported suspicious transactions on the accounts and offered to transfer all available funds to “safe accounts”. As agreed, the next day they began to save savings: the pensioner cashed money in three banks, and then transferred it to the indicated accounts. The “bank employee” forbade the use of cash, since all banknotes are “marked”. In one bank 1,389 thousand rubles were withdrawn, in the second – 869 thousand rubles, in the third – 1,337 thousand rubles.

Only after returning home, the victim remembered that she had heard about such fraudulent schemes and went to the police to write a statement.

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