Cheboksarka did not believe the real employees of the bank and transferred 1.1 million rubles to the scammers

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The scammers promised a 61-year-old resident of Cheboksary to keep her savings. She believed and, despite the warnings of real bank employees, transferred over 1 million 150 thousand rubles to them.

The woman told the police that the other day she received a call from a stranger who introduced himself as a bank employee. He said that the pensioner’s savings are under threat of theft and offered to transfer them to a “safe account” for safety. Trusting the unknown, the pensioner went to the nearest branch of the bank, where she cashed 200 thousand rubles. The customer’s excitement was noticed by the cashier, who warned against dubious transactions. However, the woman did not heed the advice of a specialist and transferred the money to the accounts dictated by the swindler.

After a while, the girl called the town woman back and introduced herself as a bank employee in the same way. She said that the pensioner’s money had been received and reserved, and then switched to her colleague, a security officer. He said that unknown persons issued a loan on behalf of the woman, which must be urgently repaid. And again, the gullible city dweller went to the bank, where she withdrew 950 thousand rubles and transferred it to the accounts of the attackers. Immediately after that, the pensioner called her last number. The man who answered her said that she was a victim of fraud and turned off the phone.

The circumstances of the fraud and the persons involved are being established.

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