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As envisaged by Gartner, there would be quite 6.4 million range of devices enabled by the net of Things to be utilized by customers in 2016, whereas, the amount is predicted to achieve twenty million by the year 2026. The IoT trade is experiencing a boom, because of the wide-ranging application and flexibility of its aspects across several industries. In fact, it’s foretold that by the year 2022, the worldwide revenue generated by the IoT system would come back up to around $561 million. However, the wide reach of IoT systems, from smartphones and self-driving cars to smart refrigerators that mechanically place orders to your supermarkets, cause a good challenge to organizations. Therefore, despite the large potential and chance for a rapid climb, the IoT trade is stricken by testing and quality assurance problems. As a result of bugs and defects that are current within the IoT devices, corporations’ are disbursement a lot of greenbacks per annum to recall and fix defective devices. The importance of quality assurance and testing processes may be derived from the high prices incurred by code bugs; in reality, the analysis states that corporations are set to pay around $10 million for recalling bug-infested code devices between the years 2018 and 2022.

Main Difficulties in IoT Platforms

Test coverage is one of the first challenges encountered by corporations implementing IoT solutions these days. Each IoT device is exclusive, with its own hardware, and depends on totally different code to drive it, to not mention the varied operation systems, networks, environments, and code. On the condition that there are such a large amount of variants of code and hardware of devices floating around within the client market, it’s next to not possible to check all potential combos. With the fragmentation and variety of the smartphone market, there are tons of choices obtainable for users in terms of models, brands, versions of OS, screen sizes, orientations, and plenty of alternative aspects. This makes it tough for businesses to make IoT systems that are compatible with all potential devices and operating systems as they can’t take all the preceding factors into consideration. However, the industrial success of IoT-enabled devices is conditional on this, and it’s flatly essential for organizations to check the IoT system across several devices as potential to uncover any potential vulnerabilities and bugs within the system which may obscure the high performance and user expertise. With the adept testing method and methods at hand, the effectualness of the standard assurance procedure is patterned down by scarce take a look at coverage. For this reason, companies prefer visiting IoT solution providers.

IoT, at its core, may be a nexus of devices and code that are connected along to facilitate the simple flow of pertinent data and information. Therefore, the key to the standard performance and value of the IoT system is the property, either through a Bluetooth affiliation or a Wi-Fi affiliation. this can be particularly difficult for IoT devices as staying connected to a network or another device systematically is complicated. If any of the devices within the network face an affiliation issue, the flow and exchange of knowledge across the network would be hindered which might, in turn, render the entire IoT system useless.

In case, the IoT system isn’t tested completely and meticulously, several bugs and defects might be left undetected and would be passed to the tip product. This doesn’t forecast well for the whole image or the property of the application/device on the customer’s selection list. Therefore, testing IoT-enabled systems entails straightforward testing of the appliance on one device; instead testing underneath variable conditions, multiple devices, and different operating systems is necessitated to uncover potential vulnerabilities and hidden defects within the system.

Although new and innovative digital technologies like IoT bring final convenience for the purchasers and antecedently out-of-the-question goals nearer for the organizations, it’s an ambiguous blade. It introduces new attack vector points within the system which can provide threat actors with misappropriated access to the system. This puts the IoT systems at a significant security risk; actually, there’s over seventy percent of IoT devices within the market area unit presently prone to security and malware problems.

Penetration Testing To Uncover IoT System Difficulties

In an attempt to cater to all or any the considerations and problems with the IoT-enabled devices, assessments, and exploitation of varied firms are performed by penetration testing companies for a high-quality upshot. A typical penetration testing engagement entails, understanding the scope of the project, mapping the whole attack surface of the answer that is followed by identification of vulnerabilities within the system and therefore the execution of exploitation strategy lastly, the complete method is over by a comprehensive, in-depth technical assessment report. Therefore, IoT solution providers uncover all the vulnerabilities of the IoT devices and the systems.

The most vital part of the method that’s utilized by the penetration testing firms within the attack surface mapping of the answer. It permits the testers to map all attainable entry points and exit points which may probably be utilized by threat actors for illicit access and malicious use within the IoT system. With an efficient penetration take a look at that’s primarily targeted on securing and up the standard of the IoT system, the subsequent vulnerabilities are known.

  • Lack of Device Management
  • Insecure interface of the system
  • Insufficient protection of the privacy of knowledge
  • Insecurity within the flow of the {data} and data transfer
  • Lack of physical hardening
  • Weak positive identification security
  • Lack of secure mechanisms for normal updates
  • Inadequate security for default settings


Using the services of penetration testing firms is one of the most effective ways in which of distinguishing gaps within the security system before an indoor or external offender will. The wide associated comprehensive network of the IoT system is totally tested and scrutinized from the angle of an offender to leverage all potential vulnerabilities. Therefore, within the quickly growing market, it’s of utmost importance for businesses to perform diligent and advanced IoT penetration tests to guard the interests of the organization.