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Software development has played an imperative role in making our lives simple and easy. Nowadays, the software is developed for each and every task; be it office, be it workplace. Organizations visit software development companies to make their tasks simple and easy.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you the list of stages that all software development companies go through.


The initial – and most vital – stage for any development project is analysis. At our firm, analysis constitutes eighty percent of all development processes; the opposite two-hundredths is split among the remaining four ways.

Before any technical analysis is finished, begin by researching the human part. obtain to grasp the client’s expectations and motivations so as to form the expertise your computer code should deliver. Success ought to embody an undefeated resolution from the client’s perspective, therefore it’s vital to ascertain this foundation 1st.

Once shopper expectations square measure established, then evaluate the technology that is needed to satisfy these desires and verify the software-enabled resolution that the business is making an attempt to form.

While doing analysis for one of our largest purchasers within the energy area, we have a tendency to spend a month within the analysis section. We have a tendency to speak with everybody from the chief executive officer through R&D and then were able to absolutely perceive the client’s desires and expectations before heading into the particular software development phases.


Once the client’s desires and expectations are understood and analysis of all technical aspects is complete, the inventive method begins. this can be what’s mentioned as thinking.

During thinking, developers get their concepts churning. Some are also new or revolutionary, and others might merely be enhancements to existing solutions. Regardless, the inventive team ought to still analyze the concepts and mix them to make an answer that satisfies the customer’s desires and expectations. throughout this method, varied desires might surface that the client ne’er knew existed — establishing these unmet desires additionally adds worth, therefore time spent hashing out concepts is well spent. Though there are also several apparently ridiculous concepts thrown out, there’s typically a gem or 2 waiting to be discovered, or at the terribly least, some enhancements on the existing style.


When all ideas are chosen, the front-end style method begins. Our main approach to style is the exploitation of the knowledge design method. First, we tend to produce low-fidelity prototypes. These are rough ideas early the method that we tend to use to check the assorted structures and workflows of the answer.

Once the ultimate low-fidelity mockup is set, the visual, interaction, and computer program (UI) designers additional tweak the thought for an accurate epitome that may show however the answer will seem and perform. Once these behaviors are studied, the consequent step is to form an associate interactive UX epitome for testing.

Back to our energy client: we tend to start with the low-fidelity prototypes, and so throughout the UI and married woman testing phases our designers remained in reality with the shopper. This helped with sleek development, as we tend to were able to quickly create any necessary changes.


With the planning method complete, you’ll proceed to a custom software development company by making a back-end answer to support the front-end style. The event method involves learning the info and behaviors found throughout the planning method, and manufacturing a model of the information.

This includes choosing the foremost optimum server-side language. For us, we have a tendency to experiment with totally different languages, usually sticking out with the only ones, that we predict assist during a cleaner overall product.


Once the merchandise is developed and launched with consumer approval, an unvarying cycle of testing begins. This iteration method exists all told the on top of stages; however, it’s most imperative following the merchandise launch.

While gathering post-launch analytics of performance, we’ll additionally come back to the business’ desires and make sure that the answer is meeting the client’s expectations. I extremely suggest this method, because it will produce long purchasers. Once we’ve all data in hand, we will still work with purchasers to additional refine their merchandise and build extra solutions that improve the user expertise.

Regardless of what kind of business you are in, simplicity continually reigns. That said, you’ll believe these 5 stages for any development process: analysis, ideation, design, development, and iteration. These steps can assist you to produce not solely an answer to a consumer’s drawback but additionally an enduring relationship therewith the client. That’s a win/win for everybody.