Carried off on the back of a unicorn, a little girl rescued by a ship

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A girl of around 4 had a terrible time on Monday, when she began to drift off in the Gulf of Corinth, near the town of Antirrio, Greece.

The child, who was on the back of a unicorn, an inflatable toy, was luckily rescued by the captain of a nearby ferry.

screenshot | Greek City Times

The little girl, having escaped the vigilance of her parents, was swept away by the current. As soon as they realized the child was missing, they notified the local authorities, who called in the local ferry, the Salaminomacho.

The captain rushed as quickly as possible to save the little one.

screenshot | Greek City Times

“I was approaching the port of Antirrio and was informed by the port authority that a child, whom I did not believe so small, had been swept away by the currents on a nearby beach, near the pier of the port, ”Captain Grigoris Karnesis told local news site Greek City Time.

screenshot | Greek City Times

After spotting her on the inflatable unicorn, he approached it with great delicacy.

“The little one wasn’t cold, but she was frozen with fear. The current was very strong. I placed the vessel so that I did not overturn the small buoy. We approached slowly and we were able to save the child, ”he continued.

According to the captain, the little girl was very scared. She didn’t speak at all, but was crying.

The ship’s crew made faces and jokes to calm her down before she was returned to her parents.

She was half a kilometer from the coast when she was rescued.

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