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Careprost is for women who want longer, thicker, and stronger eyelashes. The package does not look like a regular eyelash serum either. The method of application also differs from what we are used to.

Careprost has properties that lengthen the eyelashes and make them thicker. The first effects of the treatment are seen after three weeks. During the following applications, the eyelashes are provided with active substances whose goal is to stimulate the eyelashes’ growth and fullness. Unfortunately, the treatment effects do not last long as they disappear a couple of weeks after the end of treatment with Careprost.

One pack of Careprost contains 3 ml of the product, which is enough for four months of treatment.

Buy Careprost must be applied every night until the desired results are achieved. To cover the upper lash line, you can use the brushes included in the package. When the brush has done its job, it must be thrown away. To apply Careprost to the other eyelid, use a new, clean brush. There is no point in applying cosmetics on the lower eyelids. The user must also be careful to apply the cosmetics so that they do not reach the eyes, leading to irritation (e.g., swelling, tearing, redness).

Careprost contains potent substances that lengthen eyelashes and make them thicker.

Unfortunately, these ingredients can cause allergic reactions, especially in people with sensitive eyes or sensitive skin around the eyes. Careprost Eye Drops and Bimat contain no fragrances or dyes.

This comparison review of eyelash serum has been created and is predicated on various tests performed during the half of 2016. Each product has been tested by independent cosmetologists and makeup artists with extensive work experience. Many 100 professionals have gathered their knowledge and knowledge with eyelash serum to create it more comfortable for ladies to decide on the merchandise created for their needs and expectations. To pick out the most specific products on the market, the experts considered the serum’s effectiveness, treatment time, application method, side effects, and therefore the kind of applicator. Another thing that was also important was the worth and availability of every eyelash serum tested.


Eyelash serums are beauty products that stimulate lash growth. They’re rich in natural ingredients that are safe for both the attention and also the skin around. Each eyelash serum has been thoroughly tested in an independent laboratory by derma and ophthalmologists to prove its effectiveness and safety. Then a variety of tests are performed to live the share of satisfied customers over three months.


The most effective eyelash serums are people who contain natural ingredients: minerals and plant extracts. The main standard components in eyelash serum are carnitine, D-panthenol, allantoin, acid, and antioxidant. Other synthetic ingredients may be utilized in small amounts to extend the sturdiness of eyelash serum and forestall bacteria from growing.


treatment of the eyelash serum varies and depends on the merchandise you employ. Most eyelash serums must be used for two.3 or up to five months. The lashes need time to grow back stronger and healthier. Now, the lashes’ hair follicles are nourished and moisturized. Some eyelash serums have to be applied twice daily, others just one occasion. Ensure you read the package leaflet that comes with the merchandise before you begin using it. Betting on the eyelash serum, we can achieve the most precise results by applying it on the lash line. Usually, the eyelash serum mustn’t be placed below the lash line because the product should move once you blink or sleep.


Most eyelash serums are designed to be safe and mild on the sensitive skin area of ​​the eye. If you experience skin allergies, you’ll test the serum by applying a bit on your wrist. If you develop skin irritation like redness, itching, or swelling, it implies that the merchandise isn’t for you. All eyelash serums include a package leaflet, so ensure you read it first. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you ought to avoid all eyelash growth serums. Additionally, those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy should refrain from using this cosmetic. It’s better to attend until the treatment is prepared for the rehabilitation period.

What are the ways to strengthen eyelashes and stimulate their growth

Masks for eyelashes

, it’s going to be strange that an act of the foremost standard oil mixed with oil solutions of vitamins A and E will benefit our eyelashes. These vitamins are bought in the same pharmacy within the capsules’ style, but it’s not very convenient to store such a combination, how it spoils very quickly. To face for a long time, place the mixture in a transparent bottle within the refrigerator. Of course, a bottle from under the carcass can come up. Just before using it, try and wash it thoroughly and dry it completely. When using this mixture, wait until excess oil flows from the comb, and start applying it on your eyelashes, combing them from root to tip. When it’s necessary to be extremely careful, so the mixture doesn’t get into your eyes.

Probably everyone knows that eyelashes are something like hair. They comprise moisture and 97% of keratin (a protein). This can be precisely the rationale why any oil mask with the addition of liquid vitamins is suitable for treating and strengthening eyelashes.

Eyebrow Massage

In addition to what’s described above, there are several other ways to facilitate your quickly increase your eyelashes and make the attention skin more well-groomed and younger. All you would like is massage oil. To cook it:

Take oil as a base and add some aloe juice and too finely chopped parsley.

Stir the full mixture very thoroughly.

Apply it on eyelashes with massage movements and a delicate pat.

don’t take an excessive amount of money to not fall on the island’s membrane.

Otherwise, there’ll be an oily veil before you, which you’ll not be ready to get obviate for a long time.

Compresses for the rise of eyelashes

So that the effect of stress isn’t so clearly shown on the condition of the attention load, you want to make a compress so that they’ll “relax.” this may be through with a chilly compress using a decoction of assorted medicinal herbs. For your eyes to rest, eyelashes now received additional funds to strengthen and grow. Use the subsequent plants: chamomile, sage, cornflower, tea, or green. The procedure should last a mean of quarter-hour. As soon as you remove the compression, you’ll notice that you have calmed down and your eyes have calmed down. Even your vision has improved a small amount.

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