Cancellation of rules of stay: the federal state in Germany allows relatives from risk areas to enter without a test

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Autumn holidays are in full swing for some schoolchildren. Some are still coming. Perhaps the students will be able to spend them by the sea. At least those who plan to visit relatives living in this federal state.

The authorities of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have allowed entry to individuals from risk areas in order to see their family without the need to present a negative coronavirus test and subsequent quarantine. The new rules to combat coronavirus, which took effect last Friday, have stumbled upon a wave of misunderstanding. In this regard, Health Minister Harry Glau decided to immediately remove the rules for the entry of family members.

People living in risk areas can freely enter Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with their family (wife and children living together). They can stay or move off the ground again. “These family visits are possible for spouses, registered or even unregistered partners,” said the general decree, released Sunday night. Travelers must comply with all relevant infection protection regulations.

This regulation also applies in cases where the presence of a person is absolutely necessary for legal reasons or to “fulfill a moral obligation”. A spokeswoman interpreted this wording, for example, in the case of the funeral of loved ones. Those wishing to get married in the northeast are also allowed to enter without a test.

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