Canada did not deport ex-Nazi Oberlander suspected of atrocities against the Kuban during the war

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Canada refrained from commenting on the Russian request for the extradition of a former Nazi during the Great Patriotic War, Helmut Oberlander, suspected of atrocities against residents of the Krasnodar Territory.

Recall that a 96-year-old resident of Canada and several other unidentified persons are suspected of mass genocide of civilians – according to the investigation, the Nazis shot, poisoned in gas chambers and buried elderly people, women and children alive.

“They didn’t ask for any documents in Russia. Currently, the embassy is not aware of any dialogue with representatives of the Canadian government on the Oberlander, ”a representative of the Russian embassy in Ottawa is quoted in the media.

Oberlander was stripped of his Canadian citizenship the day before. However, the question of the deportation process is being delayed.

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