Buy Best Egg Cooker For Soft and Hard-Boiled Eggs

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Eggs are an excellent source of nutrition and very versatile too. They can be enjoyed in a diverse number of ways, depending on your taste and preferences. Be it hard-boiling them or making an omelette out of them, handling eggs requires precision and skill that many of us find difficult to master. However, you don’t need to wait till you master the art of egg cooking to enjoy perfectly made eggs. All you need is an electric egg cooker! From soft-boiled eggs to hard-boiled, and omelettes to poached eggs, there’s nothing these egg cookers can’t make. However, several things should be considered before buying one, so that your egg-cooking experience remains top-notch for a long time!

Check the Egg holding capacity

The very first thing that you should be judging an egg cooker by is its egg holding capacity. The ability to cook multiple eggs at a time is one of the key benefits of these electric egg cookers. Therefore you need to check the number of eggs the egg cooker has the capacity to hold, before thinking of buying it. If you have a big family, you might need one with 12 or 14 egg holding capacity. Likewise, these cookers also come with different varieties of trays for making different types of eggs. So, make sure to consider all these features before you pick one!

  • Look at the Alarm features

We can all agree that the most common reason behind our eggs getting overlooked or remaining undercooked is not knowing when is the perfect time to turn the stove off once the water has started boiling. This is where an electric egg cooker comes to your rescue. With an egg cooker, you don’t have to watch over your eggs while they’re boiling. These smart cookers either come with an auto shut-off feature or an alarm feature that notifies you once your eggs are done.

  • Pay attention to the Material

Though most egg cookers use similar materials I.e. metals and plastic, there are minor differences that you should consider before buying. Aluminum and stainless steel are the most commonly employed materials for the inner part of the cookers. A good conducting material is used for making the heating plate. The difference usually is in the outer body. Many cookers come with plastic lids, which though not very durable, allow you to see inside and check what’s going on.


When it comes to the best egg cookers, options are numerous and the choice is yours to make. Now that you’ve got a rough idea as to what all features you need to look for when picking egg cookers, you can get yourself the perfect appliance that would fit your requirements. That being said, this is your cue to end all your egg-boiling struggles and get your hands on the best hard-boiled egg cooker. Enjoy perfectly boiled or poached eggs that taste as yummy as they’re healthy!