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Bathroom Installation Eastleigh:

Euro-Lec Southern LTD is the expert you can rely on for all of your bathroom supplies. Our team has no leading-edge and incredible status for bathroom installations in the Eastleigh area by offering qualified Bathroom Installation services.

As plumbing and bathroom specialists based in Eastleigh, we are glad to help those of you looking for a company concentrating on new bathrooms. We offer the installation of bathrooms, covering all features from the roofing to the electrics. We also offer a comprehensive assortment of plumbing, heating, and gas services counting power glowing and boiler installation, repairing, and maintenance.  For further info or to book in your new Bathroom Installation Eastleigh, contact our squad now.


From providing quality fireplaces to providing the flattest boiler installation Eastleigh can get, we can do it all right here at Euro-Lec Southern LTD. As a company, status is very significant to us and we are very proud of the customer base we’ve built up over the years.

We will preserve good work ethics and skill at all times to guarantee complete satisfaction. Many people determine our company through a reference, which makes us very proud. Why not read through some testimonials that past clients have left us about our stellar service? These reviews must give you all of the comforts you want for hiring us for a boiler installation in Eastleigh.

Gasworks has continuously been a family-run company and we have been around. You’ll struggle to find another worker that bids a boiler installation in Eastleigh that can carry half a century’s worth of practice to the table.


If you’ve hired a practiced contractor, then the installation procedure starts before the boiler tank reaches your home or even a single wrench comes out of a toolkit. The HVAC specialists will first inspect your home and make a heat load control to regulate the appropriate size boiler to install. They will also figure the superlative place for the boiler and how it will connect to the power source (electrical, natural gas, etc.).

Bathroom Installation Southampton
Bathroom Installation Southampton

A question customers frequently ask about boiler installation is, “How long will these receipts be?” There are no exact solutions since it relies on how much pipe-refitting the new boiler will want. And also the time it takes to remove the prior heating system. Though in maximum cases, boiler installation takes less than a complete day, and you’ll have your new system keeping you warm by the evening.

It is irregularly significant to reconfigure some of the pipes in your home to decrease heat loss. Professional installers will get to it that your new boiler smarts from as little heat waste as possible. If you are having a natural gas-powered boiler fixed, your specialists will take special care to see that the new system is hooked up efficiently and securely to the gas line. They will trial for leaks and check that the gas pressure is up to the local cipher. If you’ve lent experts, they won’t leave your home until they recognize the boiler will work for you without safety risks.

What Does Proprietor Home Emergency Cover Comprise?

The landlord home emergency asylum supports abrupt or unexpected crises an occupant might face with the stuff. The cover is intended to keep the home running on the occasion of an unexpected failure. Bathroom Installation Hedge End Generally, it covers the cost of call-outs for complications with your plumbing, central heating, boiler electrics, and infestations. Though, it is constantly wise to check with a company about the services they cover.

What are the things that many firms in the UK cover in the landlord home emergency plans:

  • Primary heating system cover: The startling damage and repairs to your central heating system and the boiler will be enclosed.
  • Home security:The plan will make your home safe in case of an unexpected letdown or damage to windows, doors, locks. You will be covered as long as the damage is interpreted the safety of the ones living in the house.
  • Plumbing and drainage:The plan will support you in case of unpredicted damage or letdown to the plumbing or drainage system ensuing in water damage, flooding, or internal water leakage.
  • Water supply:The plan will support you in reinstating the water supply in the event of unforeseen, leakage, blockage, or collapse of the pipes linking the mains water supply.
  • Pest infestation:Damage caused by some pest plague will be shielded.