Brother of Suzanne Morphew pleads for brother-in-law to ‘step up to the plate’ and work with authorities

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EXCLUSIVE: Three months after Suzanne Morphew, 49, did not return from a solo bike ride, family members are speaking out in an effort to revive the search for their missing loved one, bring her home and get some closure.

“My sister was just the sweetest person ever and anyone would have been happy to be friends or neighbors with her …” Suzanne’s brother Andy Moorman tells Fox News. “And she has two daughters without answers right now. My father at 87 has cancer and needs answers. And I’m not going to give up. I’m coming back out there to look.”

After months of silence, Suzanne’s husband, Barry Morphew, said in a recent interview with KXRM-TV that he believes his wife may have been attacked by a mountain lion and drove her bike over the edge of a hill. Moorman, who went to the area where his sister’s bicycle was found the day after her disappearance, says he is positive this is not the case.


“An animal did not attack her because there absolutely was no blood evidence and no tracks on the ground, no scent from an animal,” he says. “I stood there and looked and I realized that nobody rode over the side of that hill. There would have been signs of a struggle or you would have been skinned up.”

Moorman and his brother in-law both searched the area where Suzanne’s bike was found for any signs of a clue.

“I said to Barry ‘Hey, I don’t think she fell off the hill on that bicycle or rode over the edge.’ I said, ‘I believe a human being threw this down here.’”


Discussing accusations that Barry Morphew may be involved in Suzanne’s disappearance, Moorman admits he was surprised to hear Barry refused to take a polygraph test when asked by the police, but is adamant that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and stresses that his main concern is finding his sister and letting the authorities sort out the rest.

Moorman says he has not been in contact with his Barry Morphew or his nieces since shortly after his sister’s disappearance, and addresses Barry directly in the interview:

“Please, Barry, if you could see this, I would really love it if you would take the time to revisit the authorities and go over everything once again … Take a voice analysis on a lie detector and clear yourself,” pleads Moorman. “Put my mind at ease and everybody out there’s mind at ease if you want to shut the rumors down. That’s the way you do it. You need to find your wife. That should be your only goal is to find your wife and whatever you’re asked to do by the authorities is what you should. If you’re not guilty, step up to the plate.”


Moorman does not have much hope that his sister is still alive, but is determined to find her one way or another.  He will host a candlelight vigil Saturday night in Alexandria, Ind., in the hope that it will restart the search effort. While he is doubtful that Suzanne’s husband and daughters will attend, he believes the rest of the Morphew family will be there as a show of support.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s tip line at (719) 312-7530.

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