British woman mixed two detergents while cleaning and dies

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A British woman mixed two detergents while cleaning and died from an asthma attack. This was reported by the portal My London.

It is noted that 34-year-old Cecilia Moore mixed bleach and an unnamed detergent to clean the bathroom.

The chief of the deceased, who had just arrived at her home, immediately felt a pungent chemical smell. They went out with her, where the woman started having breathing problems, after which she lost consciousness, the website writes. The boss called an ambulance for the employee, and the woman was taken to the hospital. The doctors put her into a drug-induced coma, her condition did not improve. She passed away four days later.

According to the mother of the deceased, emergency services confirmed that there was gas in the bathroom, formed after mixing chlorine-containing bleach with another cleaning agent, presumably for washing toilets. This provoked a fatal asthma attack, writes the TV channel “360”. She urged everyone to be careful not to repeat this mistake.

On August 11, it was reported that in the Moscow region, a woman turned to the police with a request to check her car for the presence of mercury, which a former lover could have thrown there.

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