British schoolgirl opens her antique shop

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Collecting old bottles was once a hobby of the father of seven-year-old Betsy-Mae Lloyd. The baby, having barely learned to walk, began to help him in search. In the end, there were so many bottles that the question arose: what to do with them?

It was decided to arrange an antique shop, where everyone could buy the bottles they liked. There is an opportunity to make an order via the Internet. The adults entrusted the responsibility for running this business to Betsy.

Today, the store has about a thousand different bottles, mostly made in the last quarter of the 19th – first half of the 20th centuries. Where do all these bottles come from? A father and daughter are excavating sites where landfills were once located. The owners don’t mind. During the search, ordinary shovels are used. Found bottles are thoroughly washed and put up for sale. According to the girl, most of all she likes the process of excavation itself, according to the TV channel.

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