Bridgestone Tires – One of the Best in the World

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The renowned tire brand Bridgestone has made a name for itself in the world. Bridgestone tires are widely used in motorsports. It has linked its name with some of the most famous names in car manufacturing. It is one of the top-ranking tire brands in the world. The quality and range of tires are impressive, to say the least. Bridgestone manufactures tires for passenger cars, buses, 4×4, earthmovers, light trucks, and trucks. They provide the best range of all-terrain tires.

If you live in Abu Dhabi you can get Bridgestone tires from an online tires shop Abu DhabiThere are some authentic dealers of genuine products. Let’s take a look at some of Bridgestone tire models:

Adrenalin Potenza

This is Bridgestone’s high-performance tire. This tire is used in passenger cars. You can find this tire in an array of different sizes, according to the need. This tire commonly has a broader contact with the road. Using these tires on the road allows the driver to enjoy balance and stability on the road. The tread in this tire is great. The perfectly round shape of the tire is further enhanced by the O-bead. An additional feature of this tire is the Rim guard. The passenger/driver can feel the noise that one hears from the tire when you are driving at very high speeds. However, Potenza comes with noise reduction technology that greatly reduces such noises from the tire.


Heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks greatly depend on the tires for optimum speed and performance. Bridgestone’s R150 is used in trucks and buses. These tires can bear the pressure of the vehicle’s upper part to avoid the sudden jerk in the bumps. The tread of R150 tires is designed in such a way that does not get impacted by sharp stones on the road. These tires can work efficiently in high and very cold weather as well.

Earth Movers

Bridgestone also manufacturers tires for earthmovers. The company happens to be the world’s largest manufacturer of large tires. It established the company Bridgestone Earth Movers tires Private Limited in Japan. The brand that makes large tires are sold under the brand name Firestone.

Duraforce by Firestone contains large quantities of non-directional thread and rubber. This facilitates less wear and tear. These tires feature a high traction capacity. These tires are also called puncture resistance tires due to cut resistance thread in place. They are built to function smoothly in difficult terrains. Furthermore, the premium bead technology prevents rims from slipping when the vehicle operates under high torque. These tires are meant to last long and offer great durability.

Bridgestone has made its mark in the tire manufacturing industry. It designs high-quality and durable tires that are meant to last long. If you wish to buy Bridgestone Tyres Abu Dhabiyou can check out online platforms like Tire Shop Abu Dhabi, a reputable and reliable online seller of branded tires from leading tire brands. You can get them fitted by picking location closest to your residence or workplace.