5 Tips To Prevent Your Vape Pen From Clogging

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  1. What Is A Vape Pen?  

A vape pen is a portable, easy-to-use, disposable, potent container filled with cannabis oils for inhaling. It may contain CBD or THC oil, often called e-liquid. Vape pens are equipped with a button that you simply have to press and inhale the vapors produced by the device. This process of inhaling oil in the form of vapor is called vaping. Vape pens are also referred to as Vape cartridges.

     2. Why Do Vape Pens Get Clogged?

If there is no airflow in the vape pen, if you find little drops of liquid hitting your tongue, if there is a weak vapor, or a bitter taste of liquid in your mouth while inhaling, your pen could be clogged. There are primarily two reasons for plugging up vape pens:  

  • Condensation Buildup: 

The most common cause of clogging is the build-up of water vapors due to condensation inside the Vape pens. It is something you don’t have control over, but it can play a big part in clogging your device. When you vape, you don’t always inhale all the vapor produced; the excess vapor condenses in the middle of your pen. Over time, this condensation can accumulate, causing clogged vape pens. 

  • Chamber Flooding 

If the e-liquid inside the vape gets into the center chamber or atomizer so that the wick cannot vaporize it, the e-liquid will start leaking due to oversaturation.  This is known as chamber flooding. Such a situation can also happen when the atomizer coil is too old. 

     3. How To Fix A Clogged Vape?

  • Try a needle, safety pin, or a toothpick for poking the mouthpiece. 
  • Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe the mouthpiece at regular times. 
  • Preheat the e-liquid before taking a hit. 
  • Turn it upside down to drain it. 
  • Take out the tank and clean it with hot water. 
  • Use an alcohol-based swab to clear extra oil.
  • How To Prevent Clogging In The First Place? 
  • Keep Vape In An Upright Position 

It is crucial to store your vape pens in an upright position with the mouthpiece on top. Many people keep it in their purses, drawers, or pockets in a horizontal position. It is recommended to store it in a vertical position and let gravity do the job. Keeping the vape pen in an upright position helps in preventing the cart from getting clogged. 

  •  Take Smaller Hits 

Take slow, more minor hits of two-three seconds as taking quick hits does not let the e-liquid heat and vaporize properly. When the liquid doesn’t evaporate properly, it will fill up the atomizer and cause leaks through the air holes in the center tank. This happens due to the different viscosity of various oils and vapes wax.  

Furthermore, when the liquid can’t turn to vapor, it has to go someplace. Most commonly, it finds its path through the atomizer onto the battery connection at the point where it joins the tank. When this happens, you’ll probably hear a gurgling sound when you inhale. 

  • Do Not Overfill 

If you overfill the cart by ignoring the fill line, it will lead the liquid to the battery compartment. It will cause a leak or flooding in pen. Moreover, the battery may get damaged and can make the cart non-functional in time.  

To avoid this, always fill your cart with adequate liquid and look if there is some strange sound while inhaling or if the e-liquid is leaking through the air holes due to overflow. Many devices now have a filling pot which makes it easier to fill.  Flood-resistant vapes are also available these days. 

  • Keep Vapes At Room Temperature  

Keeping your vapes at cold temperatures could increase the chances of clogging as it causes the e-liquid to thicken and get collected in the tank.  On the other hand, excess humidity also causes leaking of the liquid out of the pen entirely due to the high evaporation rate. Hence it is best to store your vape pens at room temperature and in a dry place. 

  • Regular Cleaning 

Try to clean your device before using it every time. Replaceable coils can be cleaned by soaking in hot water, vinegar, ethanol, and cheap vodka for some hours. After this, rinse it with some distilled water. While using rebuildable coils, you can remove the wick and do a quick dry burn. If it doesn’t do the cleaning, remove the atomizer from the mod and rinse it with hot water. Also, do not keep your pens aside for long without using them. 

Final Words 

Whenever we buy a vape, we want to enjoy it until the last drop. By using these five simple ideas, you will be able to take care of your vape pen effectively and without being heavy on your pockets. As vape pens are relatively expensive, so it’s essential to keep one safe from clogging, flooding, and getting damaged before time. One should also keep the pen clean and clog-free, as clogging will also impact the quality of vapor and its taste.