Both laughter and sin – Adam and Eve in the Kostroma version

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In Kostroma, the Sverdlovsk District Court will consider another case from the category “you can’t imagine it on purpose” … and its plot is somewhat similar to the biblical legend about Eve’s excessive curiosity, who … Well, by the way – everything is in order.

So: a few days ago, a certain 37-year-old woman and her friend (both of not the most exemplary behavior), walking through the back streets of their native Kostroma, picked up a plastic bag in one of the secluded places. At home, they opened it – and found in it many small bundles, which contained narcotic substances – the so-called salts. In total, they were typed in 13 grams – that is, legally, the find is regarded as “in large size.”

And everything would be fine if the couple of Kostroma Adam and Eve simply transferred this gift of fate (or a tempting snake?) To the appropriate authorities – maybe even what gratitude they would receive …

But no – the lady could not resist and decided to taste the contents of one of the packages – after which she fell into prostration, and her male friend still figured out that she needed to call the police and an ambulance.

The result of all this tragicomedy is not at all cheerful: a man will come to court as a witness, and his overly curious passion – as accused of illegal possession of narcotic substances. From three to ten years for such a sin is due, by the way …

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