Bolshunov won gold in skiathlon at the world championship

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Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov won gold in skiathlon at the World Championships in the German city of Oberstdorf and brought the team the first medal in the tournament. This was reported on Saturday, February 27, by the Sport-Express newspaper.

Bolshunov was in the lead for almost the entire second half of the distance. Five Norwegians followed him.

The 24-year-old athlete became the world champion for the first time. Prior to this, the skier took second and third places.

In this tournament, the second and third places were taken by the Norwegians Simen Hegstad Kruger and Hans Holund, respectively.

Earlier, on February 25, Bolshunov and Sergei Ustyugov reached the sprint final in the classic style at the World Championships in Oberstdorf. Bolshunov became the third in his race, passing ahead of the Norwegians Johannes Klebo and Eric Valnes.

In early February, it became known that Bolshunov guaranteed himself first place in the overall World Cup, becoming the first two-time tournament winner in modern Russian history.

As the coach of the athlete Yuri Borodavko said, the skier reacted with restraint to the news of an early victory in the World Cup.