Bocharov: “In 2021 we will complete work on the bridge of the Volzhskaya HPP”

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The Governor of the Volgograd Region Andrey Bocharov today during a visiting meeting examined the results of the second stage of the overhaul of the bridge at the Volzhskaya HPP. The head of the region announced the timing of the launch of the movement of cars in full.

According to the press service of the regional administration, in 2020, the structure of the bridge, span slabs were completely replaced, new expansion joints were made, 9000 sq. M. Were repaired. the roadbed – its thickness was almost 12 cm. A new fence was also installed, and under the bridge the bottom of the spans was shotcrete – layer-by-layer spraying of building compounds. Thanks to this processing method, all cracks, chips and pores formed in the surface during the operation of the structure are filled.

– The second stage of complex work on an object important for the life and development of the Volgograd Region – the bridge crossing as part of the Volzhskaya HPP – has been completed, – said Andrei Bocharov during the visiting meeting. – Despite all the difficulties, the overhaul was carried out in accordance with the plan and with high quality.

© Photo: Publishing House “Volgogradskaya Pravda” / Sergey Grigorenko

The builders applied several new approaches and technological solutions: they used lemmastix (a special material for complex engineering structures) in waterproofing, laid poured asphalt as a leveling layer, installed lightweight railings and barriers to reduce the load on the bridge.

The governor thanked the workers for the excellent pace, the motorists and all residents for their patience.

– In 2021, we will complete the work of the third stage and fully restore traffic, – said the head of the region, stressing that there are all opportunities for the implementation of these plans.

For two years, 70% of the planned works have already been completed, there are still 7,300 sq.m. to be repaired. highways. Thus, the total area of ​​the renovated bridge deck will exceed 21800 sq.m. Are three football fields.

© Photo: Publishing House “Volgogradskaya Pravda” / Sergey Grigorenko

Recall that this bridge is being overhauled for the first time since its construction, although over the years it has been under heavy loads – road, river and railway tracks converge here. As the builders said, corrosion has already affected the metal of the bridge supporting parts. In 2018, Governor Andrei Bocharov made sure that funding for the renovation of this strategic facility was included in the specialized federal program.

The Volgograd Region is using every opportunity to solve the task set by Governor Andrei Bocharov to restore the road transport sector, modernize the relevant infrastructure. Thus, according to the national project “Safe and high-quality highways” in 2020, more than 380 km of roads were put in order, and in general, over the past six years, more than 2,400 km of roads have been repaired in our region under various programs. From 2014 to 2020, 49.5 billion rubles were allocated for these purposes.

© Photo: Publishing House “Volgogradskaya Pravda” / Sergey Grigorenko

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