Boats take on water in pro-Trump nautical parade

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Several boats were engulfed in the waters on Saturday afternoon during a nautical parade organized by supporters of Donald Trump on Lake Travis, near the city of Austin, Texas.

Local authorities explained that the surface of the water was agitated by strong waves and that this was likely the result of the large number of boats clumped together simultaneously sailing on the lake.

Photos from the event can be seen of boaters leaving their submerged vessel and jumping into the water. Some were seen with life jackets and other flotation equipment reserved for emergencies.

More than 2,600 people said they participated in the parade on the Facebook page created for the event, titled “Lake Travis Trump Boat Parade”.

No injuries were reported. According to New York Times, firefighters helped pull many castaways out of the water.

Images of the parade quickly toured the web and the hashtag #Dumbkirk has been shared more than 50,000 times on the social network Twitter, in reference to the French town of Dunkirk, where hundreds of thousands of troops Allies were evacuated by boat during World War II. “Dumb“, In English, means” idiot “.

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