Blogger Didenko said about the danger of cocktails with dry ice

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Blogger Ekaterina Didenko in her video, published on Wednesday, July 29, spoke about the dangers of dry ice to human health when used in cocktails.

In the footage, Didenko stands in the park with a glass of Mojito with dry ice and explains to subscribers that if a person accidentally swallows a piece of this substance, he will burn his internal organs.

After that, the blogger posted a video from her birthday in the story, in which her husband and two friends died.

“Due to the fact that no one knew or warned about the danger of dry ice, my husband Valentin and two friends, Natasha and Yura, died on my birthday,” she signed the video.

The tragic incident occurred at the end of February during a party by blogger Yekaterina Didenko in a Moscow bath complex. The guests of the event poured about 25 kg of dry ice into the pool and jumped into the water. As a result, three people were killed and five were injured. A criminal case was initiated for causing death by negligence to two or more persons (part 3 of article 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

After this incident, the State Duma thought about introducing new rules for the sale of dry ice. In particular, it was proposed to place a warning about the danger of its use on 50% of the substance’s packaging area.

Another incident took place in Moscow on March 14. A child was injured during an animation show that used dry ice. The boy was hospitalized with 1st and 2nd degree chemical burns of the head and face, only about 7% of the body.

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