Blank Apparel: Creative Ways to Use in Refashion

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Blank apparel is very versatile clothing that you can use for a variety of purposes. Blank T-shirts are an integral part of everyone’s daily wear. A Whole Sale Blank T-shirt can be found in various styles and colours. You can wear them as they are. You can also get creative with them if you want something extra. Blank apparel acts as a canvas for any person to express individuality and style sense. You can thus customise them to your liking. What’s more, after customising them, you can even think of building your own business over it. 

Some creative ways to personalise blank apparel:

Explore Tie-Dye

Tie-dyeing allows you to give a complete makeover to your blank apparel. You can make vibrant patterns on blank shirts with just a few rubber bands and some dye bottles in the colours you love. If you are planning a large-scale tie-dye project, make sure to purchase a high-quality Whole Sale Blank T-shirt made of 100 per cent ring-spun cotton. It is because only a cotton fabric can suck up the colours you put on it and keep them intact even after repeated washes. 

Create Your Own Stencils

It is a fun way of decorating blank shirts. You just need some freezer paper for it. Print or draw whatever design you have chosen on the dull side of the freezer paper. Then, cut the design and put it on the shiny side down on the shirt. Use fabric paint to paint on top of your stencil and then remove it. When you are painting around the edges, exercise caution so as to avoid the colour from spreading below the stencil. With time, you will be able to create professional-looking clothes having your unique designs. 

Experiment with Screen Printing

Screen printing is a technique that businesses have used for decades for producing attractive apparel. Even those thinking of opening their own t-shirt business can use this technique as it is quite inexpensive to set up a printing area in any place. All you need is a frame, screen, photo emulsion, sensitiser, latex gloves, a dark room, small cardboard, silk screen fabric ink, and blank t-shirts in bulk. This printing technique produces long-lasting results.

Embroidering Blank Shirts

Embroidering simple garments is not an outdated technique. In fact, it can quickly spruce up any blank t-shirt. There are a lot of embroidery techniques like cross-stitch, whitework embroidery, and patchwork embroidery. You can also embroider your business logo or stitch your slogan on the shirts through these techniques. You can also spice up a blank t-shirt for embroidery to make it ready for an advertising or fundraising event. 

Bleach the Shirt

If you have bought a bunch of coloured blank t-shirts in dark shades, you can use bleach on them and come up with your own designs. Although bleaching dark tee results in a distinct effect, you can also use this technique to impart a chevron design. You can also write a message on a blank t-shirt using bleach. If you want geometric shapes, utilise painter’s tape, which will help in guiding your paintbrush.

Blank tees are perfect for custom clothing projects. You can overhaul the appearance of plain garments with endless techniques at your disposal. Feel free to implement anyone above described to design a blank garment for any business event, gifts, or personal use.