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Nikki Majors is a professional gamer who has been competing in eSports since 2004, and currently competes for various teams in League of Legends. She boasts a competitive background in FPS games such as Halo 2 and Half Life Death Match, was considered one of the leading female gamers during her time as a Counter-Strike 1.6 player, and is an advocate for female gamers.

Her new passion as a professional gamer is League of Legends, where she has been playing since 2010 and currently competes on the North American ladder under the username “Nikki Elise.”

Prior to joining CLGaming, Nikki played with several teams in the beginning stages of her LoL career. She joined Juicy Kids as their mid-laner in May of 2011, alongside Ralara, Ego Ignaxio and abc7. CLGaming approached her immediately after the disbanding of Juicy Kids to play on CLG Black as their new AD Carry.

In March 2012, Nikki Majors left CLG Black and joined a reformed Counter Logic Gaming as their new AD Carry; this would mark the first time she played with CLG members HotshotGG and bigfatjiji.

After a few months of playing for CLG, Nikki left the team to join forces with upcoming amateur players as part of Curse Academy (Curse’s challenger team). Team Curse (the parent organization) saw potential in the roster and decided to pull the trigger, merging both Curse teams together. Nikki was one of six players to join Team Curse, where she predominately played AD Carry alongside former CLG member Elementz.

Team Curse had an overall record of 6-4; good enough for second place during the month of March 2012. They fell to Team Solo Mid during the 2012 NA LCS Spring qualifiers for the chance to play in the main league.

Nikki was one of five players released from Curse on November 19, 2012; however, she would join back up with them after their acquisition of ex-CLG support Aphromoo. Nikki became part of what is now known as Curse Gaming, the competitive League of Legends division of Team Curse.

Nikki was released from Curse on December 2, 2012 alongside CLG members Chauster and Doublelift. She then became a member of Absolute Legends NA over the next few months. Absolute Legends had acquired her former team, CLG Black, under their banner as well as Curse’s former team, Curse Academy. After a string of poor tournament results and no promising future events lined up for the competitive roster, Absolute Legends NA disbanded on March 26, 2013.

Nikki then joined forces with the reformed Monomaniac Ferus along with other notable players from various teams including Cook My Meat (ex-CLG Black), xHazzard (ex-CLG Black), Xmithie, BabyZeus and Lautemortis. After a string of good tournament results including first place finishes in the 2013 Solomid NA Invitational 5 and the NESL Premiere League Season 2, Monomaniac Ferus was picked up by mMe as their new brand for their new competitive League of Legends division on June 28, 2013.

On August 13, 2013, Nikki left mMe and joined the North American Team Vulcun after a brief period with mMe as an ADC sub for Westrice.

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