Biocad announced the beginning of the supply of “Sputnik V” for vaccination in Russia

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Biocad has begun supplying Sputnik V for large-scale coronavirus vaccination in Russia. This was announced on December 16 by representatives of the company.

“Biotechnology company Biocad has begun supplying the COVID-19 vaccine to the Center. Gamalea for large-scale vaccination against coronavirus in the country, ”the report said.

Biocad General Director Dmitry Morozov noted that the decision to manufacture Sputnik V at the company’s facilities was made in early September.

“We managed to launch a full-fledged vaccine production in a very short time. More than 400 of our employees are involved in vaccine projects, and about 500 million rubles of our own funds have already been invested, ”he said.

Biocad is a full-cycle enterprise for the creation of medicines intended for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company is engaged in the production of 59 drugs, more than 40 items are under development.

Earlier, on December 14, Deputy Director of the Gamaleya Center for Scientific Work, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Denis Logunov said that the peak of the immune response during Sputnik V vaccination falls on the 42nd day after the first dose of the drug. Logunov added that the effectiveness of the vaccine could be revised upwards.

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