Biden’s wife’s doctoral dissertation was called “rubbish”

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Jill Biden, the wife of US President-elect Joe Biden, called her doctorate and thesis “rubbish.” This opinion was expressed by Kyle Smith, a journalist from National Review who read the text of the scientific work.

He noted that Jill Biden received her degree from a private University of Delaware, of which her husband is one of the distinguished graduates.

Smith said the university should have rejected her 2006 dissertation as “sloppy, poorly written, non-academic, and barely fit for a high school social science class.”

“Jill Biden’s dissertation is not a supplement to the general body of human knowledge. This is not a demonstration of experience in a specific topic or a wider area, ”he stressed.

The author of the article added that, in fact, “smart people understand that having advanced degrees is not proof of their intelligence.”

Jill Biden is a professor, she has completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees twice. In 2007, she received her Ph.D. in education from the University of Delaware. She plans to continue teaching and will thus become the president’s first wife in 231 years to maintain a permanent job.

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