Biden’s headquarters revealed details of the upcoming inauguration

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The chief of staff of the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party of Joseph Biden – Ron Klein revealed on ABC the details of the upcoming inauguration of the politician.

According to him, the ceremony, to be held on January 20, will take place on a smaller scale than in the past due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Klein noted that they intend to make the ceremony solemn, but at the same time to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The head of the staff also added that the headquarters is holding consultations on this issue with the Senate and the House of Representatives. What restrictions will be introduced at the inauguration ceremony of the US President Klein has not yet specified, writes

The US presidential election took place on November 3. Leading American media and Democrats have already announced Biden’s victory.

At the same time, the current president of the country, Donald Trump, did not accept defeat. He announced several times that he is the winner of the last elections, and also demands a recount in a number of US states. He backs up his claims with claims.

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