Biden: Trump still does ‘nothing’ to fight coronavirus

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Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden accused Donald Trump on Thursday of still doing “nothing” to fight the new coronavirus, which has already killed more than 217,000 in the United States and even affected the American president.

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“We are in a situation where we have over 210,000 dead and what does he do? Nothing. He’s still not wearing a mask, etc. », Declared the former American vice-president, live on the set of the ABC channel where he answered questions from voters. His rival was doing the same thing at the same time, on a competing channel.

In contrast with the Republican, Joe Biden made his strict compliance with barrier gestures a central point of his campaign, from the start of the pandemic. This earned him mockery from Donald Trump, who accused him of seeking to avoid direct contact with voters and the press.

“Americans are not panicking. It was he who panicked, ”said Joe Biden, denouncing the management of the pandemic by his Republican rival.

The virtual debate initially planned having been canceled after Donald Trump’s refusal to participate, the two candidates spoke at the same time, on two different channels. The Republican president was in Florida with NBC and its Democratic rival from Pennsylvania on ABC.

These two key states were won by the billionaire in 2016, but Joe Biden appears able to fight for victory.

The tone between the two candidates also contrasted sharply: posed, Joe Biden gave long answers in a calm tone to his first interlocutors, turning to them, while Donald Trump appeared angry.

Donald Trump had announced that he had been infected with Covid-19 on October 2. After three days of hospitalization, he had finished his convalescence in the White House. Claiming to be cured and “immune”, the Republican billionaire resumed the field campaign Monday at an intense pace: four meetings in four states in four days.

Joe Biden arrived masked on the set of ABC.

In the room in Philadelphia, only a few spectators were seated, a safe distance away to prevent the spread of the virus, and masked except when asking their questions. Barack Obama’s ex-right-hand man took it off when he started talking.

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