Biden regrets the word “clown” about Trump

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Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden expressed regret that during the first round of televised debates, he called the incumbent Donald Trump a clown. He announced this on Monday, October 5, during an online meeting with potential voters, organized by NBC.

“I should have said that this is buffoonery, instead of calling him a clown,” the Democrat said and added that he regretted it.

Biden said he tried to get Trump to behave with respect during the debate.

“It was only clear that he (Trump) did not actually answer any question. He was not going to speak to the point, “the Democratic candidate stressed and recalled that his opponent interrupted him and the moderator Chris Wallace 158 times.

On October 4, a spokesman for the Democrat’s campaign headquarters, Keith Bedingfield, said that Biden agreed, if necessary, to postpone the next debate with American leader Donald Trump, who was diagnosed with coronavirus.

The first face-to-face debate between Trump and Biden took place on September 29 in Cleveland and lasted just over an hour and a half. All this time, competitors were exchanging barbs.

So, Biden called Trump “the worst president in history” and “puppy” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the American leader expressed doubts about the intellectual abilities of the rival.

Earlier, the non-partisan, non-profit Presidential Television Debate Commission, which is funded by private donations, announced that the format of the next meeting will be changed due to the behavior of candidates. The second round is scheduled for October 15 in Miami, Florida, and the third for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee. The US general election will be held on November 3.

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