Biden accused Trump of “submission” to Russia

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused the current American leader, Donald Trump, of “obedience” to the Russian leadership. He announced this on Monday, August 31, during his speech in Pittsburgh.

“Never before has an American president played such a submissive role in a relationship with a Russian leader. This is not only dangerous, it is humiliating and embarrassing. It weakens us, ”Biden is quoted by the Sky News TV channel.

In addition, the former vice president spoke of Trump’s inability to “protect the nation”, pointing to racially motivated protests across America that have lingered in recent months, which have escalated into riots and clashes with police.

At the same time, Biden believes that if the incumbent head of the White House is re-elected, nothing will change, “because for many years he has incited” violence, which “plays into his hands.”

On August 18, former US Secretary of State John Kerry announced that President Donald Trump could not resist Russia’s “interference” in the American elections.

At the same time, the US President himself is confident that the Russian authorities do not want his re-election.

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