Best Murphy Bed Buying Guide in 2024

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Looking to buy a Murphy bed for your house or apartment? In 2024, Murphy beds have become increasingly common, and people love these beds, mainly because they cover less space. The bed is named after William Lawrence Murphy who came up with the idea of this sort of bed. As of late, it has replaced the regular giant beds since it has been a problem-saving solution. The bed can be folded inside the cabinet and the cabinet is then closed to make it look like a storage cabinet or a bookcase. It also incorporates a few drawers to conceal blankets and pillows etc.

In 2024, the best idea is to buy a Murphy Cabinet Bed than any other! It is a perfect choice since it can adjust well in a small space. In fact, if you live in a very small apartment, it can meet all your needs. However, we are not particularly focusing on the benefits of this bed. We all agree that it is the most advantageous thing! We are rather focusing on the factors to look for when buying a  Murphy Cabinet Bed. If you are looking to buy one, consider all these factors. So, here is a detailed and the best Murphy bed buying guide in 2024!

Measure The Space Inside Your Room

Before you decide to buy a Murphy bed, there are a few things to look at. First of all, measure the space where you will place the bed. Measure the corners, lengths, and all angles. In the end, you need to give at least some space where the bed will be placed when unfolded. Don’t just consider it a cabinet!

Style & Finish?

Secondly, you need to prefer some sort of style and finish. There are several different designs and styles to choose from. You can prefer any of them but choose the material carefully. Wooden beds are more durable while high gloss beds are more elegant.

Storage, Drawers & Other Features

A cabinet bed must offer some storage. Choose the bed that offers at least a couple of drawers where you can conceal your blankets and pillows. Also, look for features such as a Built-in Dual Power/USB module and a higher sleep platform.

No Compromise on Quality – Little Extension in Budget

You must have a budget in your mind to buy your Murphy bed. We urge you to stay within your budget, however, there are a few low-quality cabinet beds. Don’t waste your money on them. Never compromise on the quality of the bed and extend your budget if needed. So, get a high-quality bed that lasts longer!

Where to Buy the Best Murphy Cabinet Bed?

If you want to buy the best quality Murphy Cabinet bed, EMurphy Bed Store is the perfect place to buy it. They have some of the masterpiece cabinet beds. You can check their collection of beds and find your desired one. Also, their beds are of high quality and available at the cheapest prices!

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