Berlin criticizes Trump’s call to vote twice

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The German foreign minister on Sunday accused US President Donald Trump of “unscrupulous” attempts to cast doubt on the upcoming US election with his suggestion that his supporters vote twice.

“We owe such an incredible amount of things to the United States and they remain one of our closest partners, but yes it is disturbing that an American president thinks he needs such a thing,” said Heiko Maas. to the Sunday edition of the daily Bild, the most widely read in Germany.

“I have confidence in reason and in the good sense of the Americans to thwart this unscrupulous attempt to sow doubt on the credibility of the election and then, probably, not to accept a possible defeat,” he said. -he adds.

“If their system is as good as they say it is, then they will not be able to vote (twice)”, launched the US head of state Donald Trump this week, on the willingly provocative register he likes.

In a long series of tweets on Thursday, he then tried to rectify the situation a bit, while continuing to maintain the confusion.

For several months, the tenant of the White House has expressed doubts about the validity of the upcoming ballot.

He insists that the increased use of postal voting due to the Covid-19 epidemic could lead to massive fraud.

His suggestions provoked outrage in the United States, as voting twice in an election is illegal.

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