Benefits of Wireless Nurse Call Systems

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When it comes to nurse call systems for assisted living, you must ensure that your care facility has a trustworthy system. You may not realize that traditional solutions are not always the most cost-effective and efficient alternative. In fact, in an assisted living facility, wireless nurse call systems are becoming increasingly common and effective.


Wireless Options Are Economical

When it comes to your phone system, you don’t want to pay too much for it. Traditional wired calling systems are wrongly thought to be less expensive than wireless systems by some healthcare organizations. This isn’t the case. In reality, deploying wireless nurse call systems for assisted living is much less costly than installing traditional systems. 


Wireless Options Are Trustworthy

For decades, wireless products for the healthcare business have been available. They first appeared in the 1990s, but they are becoming more popular as technology progresses. Wireless systems that pass strict testing and meet the requirements for nurse calling methods in assisted living facilities can be found. Testing gives you peace of mind that your wireless systems will work and last.


It’s Simple to Integrate Wireless Options

Wireless commercial security systems Toronto are cutting-edge. They can be used for more than just summoning a nurse when a patient requires assistance. Data and voice systems are examples of these systems. You can use them in conjunction with telephones and other data systems. You’ll want a wireless solution that can interface with your other communication systems if you wish to enhance your capabilities.


Wireless Nurse Call System Highlights:

  • Three levels of solution are available to meet individual requirements.
  • Wireless installation and deployment are cost-effective and straightforward.
  • Pendants that are small and light to assist seniors’ busy lifestyles
  • Event accuracy at the room level
  • RF Infrastructure—no requirement for WIFI or Bluetooth.
  • There will be no invasive tracking of people, respecting the privacy of seniors.
  • Mobile X provides all connectivity in a single app.
  • Analytics and reporting


A nurse call system can help to increase patient satisfaction.

The lowering of patient wait times is a significant benefit that nurse call systems provide to healthcare facilities around the country. Patients do not have to wait as long for an examination room or care in their assisted living rooms due to improved communication between staff and patients.

Patients can directly call their nurse to report an issue or concern, rather than calling out to a nurse outside their room when attempting to locate their allocated staff members. This allows a patient confined to a bed or who has been told to limit movement to alert a nurse to the need for help.

Many nurse call systems combine audio and video communication to ensure that the patient’s call is received and answered as soon as possible. Patient satisfaction and the reputation of healthcare facilities can both benefit from shorter wait times.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, dependable, and easy-to-integrate option for your commercial security systems Toronto, it might be time to consider going wireless. When you run an assisted living facility, you need to make it simple for your residents to communicate with nurses. Wireless nurse call systems can be the most acceptable option.