5 Tips to Make Your Ugly Cuticles Look Beautiful

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Nails are the first things that get noticed when someone sees your hand for the first time. Dirty, overgrown nails may influence a person’s opinion about you. The way nails look, their shape, and their strength reflects your persona. It shows whether you are a hygienic person that cares about your image or not. 

Taking care of your nails should be a priority, and some of the ways you can do so are to beautify your cuticles, get a manicure or pedicure, and make sure they look neat. Having ugly nails is not a crime, nor is it your fault.  

However, if you allow them to stay that way, you’re fully responsible. With these simple tips below, you can change the appearance of your cuticles and nails into a work of art. 

Treat Them to a “Spa Day” 

By saying “spa day,” we don’t necessarily mean you take your cuticles and nails to the spa. You can clean and maintain your nails right at the comfort of your home. Dirty nails are a sore sight and look very unattractive, not to mention; they’re unhealthy.  

Messy nails are a host for countless bacteria and fungal infections, which may damage your nails and fingers permanently. 

Clean out your nails and cuticles with warm water and a cuticle remover. This is essential if you want to grow healthy nails. You could use olive oil or almond oil to massage your nails and cuticles carefully. These natural oils give your nails a natural shine and strengthen them too. 

Moisturizing is not only essential for your skin. It also works great for your cuticles and nails. Use an excellent moisturizer to moisturize your fingers and nails. An Aloe Vera or cocoa butter-based moisturizer will work great. 

Nails Are Also Part of Your Body, Treat Them As Such 

Nails are a part of your body and not tools, so don’t treat them as tools. Don’t use your nails as knives or screwdrivers. Doing so will not only make your nails weak but may also break them. If you’ve got the habit of biting your nails, try as hard as possible to stop.  

Biting our nails hinder their natural growing process and give them an ugly look. This habit is also considered gross. 

When you’re cleaning using chemicals, try and wear plastic gloves. Your nails can get dirty or break during cleaning, and the gloves will help protect them from harsh abrasive substances. 

 Additionally, don’t stay in water for too long, or your nails will become tender, and that makes them prone to breaking. As soon as you’re out of the water, pat them dry and then let them air dry. 

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Trim Your Nails and Cuticles If Necessary 

Regardless of how careful one is, long nails always break at a certain point, and broken nails are painful. They are also bothersome to handle. To prevent your nails from breaking, trimming them will work just fine. Also, knowing the length your nails can withstand is essential. 

Square nails may look great but try to trim the edges round. They tend to chip off quite easily than round nails, which are much easier to maintain and last longer. While you’re at it, you can push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher or trim them with a cuticle remover.  

This will allow your nails to grow much faster. This way, there isn’t an accumulation of skin around your nails. After that, massage your cuticles to promote blood flow in the area. 

Provide Them with Nourishment 

Nails are considered a dead part of the body, so the excess proteins and minerals from the rest nourish and make them. If your body doesn’t have the essential nutrients, your nails will be brittle and probably won’t grow well.  

By taking calcium and protein naturally or opting for supplements, you can provide your nails with much-needed nourishment. You can also apply capsules rich in biotin to your nails. 

However, the best results will be obtained from eating a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins. Vitamin deficiencies can be easily identified as brittle fingernails that are weak or nails that have pits in them. You could also use a good-quality nail strengthener to give your nails a suitable thickness. Such products are made from Keratin protein. 

Skip the Harmful Chemicals, and Protect Your Nails Naturally 

There are many chemicals associated with nail care. Most nail polish brands are choke-full of chemicals, but none is as destructive to your nails as acetone which many nail polish removers have as the main ingredient.  

Acetone dries out your skin, cuticles, and nails. You could still use non-acetone nail polish removers, which are not as harmful, but they still have a drying effect and contain many chemicals. 

Occasionally, you can let your nails breathe. Freshly manicured hands look great, but sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing. Remove all the nail polish for your nails and cuticles and let them be free. But if you want to apply vegan nail polish, you may also do so. You might ask, is vegan nail polish non-toxic? Beauty Garde has the answer for that.


Your fingernails speak volumes about your health. Fingernails harbor a lot of dirt, dead skin, bacteria, and other material, but you should take the initiative and clean them out. Ensure your cuticles are also manicured and healthy.  

Your cuticles keep your nails healthy by protecting them from fungal infections and bacteria, so when it’s dry or cracked, it won’t do its job.