Belarusian singer Max Korzh urged to stop protests

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Belarusian singer and songwriter Max Korzh addressed protesters on his Instagram with a call to stop the protests.

“Guys. You won. Slow down today. You showed that you can fight back. Bring the movement to the whole world. There will be enough Vidos for a month in advance,” he wrote.

Korzh believes that “that victory” that the protesters dream of is now impossible to achieve. “Then there are only corpses,” the artist writes. He also noted that if the confrontation continues, this will not induce the security officials to go over to the side of the people, since in their eyes the protesters are the ones they had been trained for for years.

“Demand other decisions from your leaders. Take care of yourself, do not take risks thoughtlessly. Do not forget whose great-grandchildren you are. Pass on to everyone,” Korzh wrote in conclusion.

In response, users asked Korzh how much he was paid, and also explained that they did not go out to protest under bullets and grenades for the sake of “vidos”.

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