Belarusian security forces left Minsk

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Units of the Belarusian OMON, internal troops and other power structures left the streets of Minsk, the TASS correspondent reports. The security forces removed the cordon, restored traffic on the main highways, is specified in the note.

Law enforcement officers were taken to the streets in the center of Minsk on the evening of August 11 to prevent mass protests. After the security forces cordoned off the city center, the protesters moved to sleeping areas. Serious clashes took place in the southwestern region of Malinovka, as well as in Uruchye in the northeast and Serebryanka in the south. The police again actively used special means: rubber bullets and flash-noise grenades.

In some areas, protesters tried to set up barricades, but the security forces quickly dispersed the people. According to eyewitnesses, the officers acted much more decisively and harshly. They searched the entrances, stopped passing cars, detained everyone who had a white bracelet on their wrist, which has become a symbol of protest these days.

Press staff were beaten despite having accreditation. The security forces destroyed photographic materials, broke cameras.

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