Belarusian protesters carried a huge cockroach to Lukashenka

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The protesters who came to the protest rally in the center of Minsk took with them a three-meter cockroach made of fabric and installed on a frame; now it is being carried towards the residence of President Alexander Lukashenko, reports.

It is worth recalling that earlier the Belarusian opposition came up with several nicknames for its unloved president. One of the most famous is the “mustachioed cockroach”. Lukashenka himself, shortly before the elections, reacted to this unpleasant nickname, urging not to offend him.

Let us remind you that a protest action is taking place in Minsk today. And today Lukashenka celebrates his birthday – he turns 66 years old. Earlier, in the center of Minsk, Belarusians staged an action – they brought pumpkins, which is a national custom – “rolling in a harbor” as a sign of the bride’s dislike for her groom.

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