Bedbugs from Italy got to St. Petersburg, slugs from Spain – not yet

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On August 6, 18 thousand predatory entomophagous bugs arrived at Pulkovo airport in the form of an official cargo from Italy – that is, those who feed on other insects. It is this property that is considered the most useful: it is known that the cargo of bedbugs was delivered by a company engaged in the wholesale supply of agricultural products by order of another company that is engaged in the cultivation of fruit and berry crops. So the bedbugs-defenders will proceed in transit to the Leningrad region, where they will begin to work – they will protect fruit trees and planting vegetables from more dangerous pests.

Bed bugs of the species Orius laevigatus are believed to be safe for native species (for example, the familiar but useless and smelly “forest bugs”). Southern guests will not become an “invasive” species, which cannot be said about the Spanish red slugs with the beautiful Latin name Arion, about which MK has already written in St. Petersburg. ” These insatiable creatures, having arrived from southern Europe with a load of fruits, have multiplied in the Baltics over several years and have already been seen in the gardens and vegetable gardens of the Leningrad region.

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