Barr, Dems clash over accusations AG is carrying out Trump’s political agenda

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Barr, Democrats clash in fiery House panel hearing on Capitol Hill
Attorney General Bill Barr, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, clashed repeatedly Tuesday with Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee over accusations he is carrying out President Trump’s political agenda. Tensions also flared as Barr and the panel discussed riots across the U.S. that have followed George Floyd’s death in police custody.

The hearing, which began late after news that committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., was involved in an early morning fender bender, began on a raucous note as Nadler did not hesitate to express his scorn for Barr and the Justice Department, sarcastically telling the attorney general, “Thank you for being here.”

It was Barr’s first appearance before the committee since becoming Trump’s attorney general in February 2019. (Barr previously held the job under former President George H.W. Bush from 1991 to 1993.)

Nadler also addressed the department’s approach to cases related to the Russia investigation, claiming the DOJ’s attitude was “the president’s enemies will be punished, his friends will be protected,” no matter the cost, and saying the department’s actions have caused “real damage to our democratic norms. In your time at the department, you have aided and abetted the worst failings of the president,” Nadler said. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.

Other related developments:
– Jim Jordan defends playing montage of protest violence at Barr hearing, claims Dems ‘want to censor’ GOP members
– Barr knocks Nadler after sparring over whether to take a hearing break: ‘You’re a real class act’
– Justice Department spokeswoman laments heated Barr hearing as ‘lost opportunity’ for Americans
– VON SPAKOVSKY & STIMSON: Barr rightfully defends fed response to dangerous rioting, as House Dems attack him

Trump administration in talks with Oregon governor to draw down federal troops: report
On the same day Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan announced federal agents sent to the city last week were demobilizing, the Trump administration reportedly began talks Tuesday with Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to move agents out of Portland.

The drawdown would be contingent on Portland stepping up its own enforcement as the city continues to see large nightly protests that frequently turn violent, a White House official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Associated Press.

The talks were in the early stages and no agreement was in place, the official said.

Federal agents were deployed to Seattle, Portland and other cities recently to protect federal property from continued rioting. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Other related developments:
– Portland man charged in Justice Center arson after back tattoo leads authorities to him
– Contraband recovered from Portland rioters includes bleach, Molotov cocktail equipment, feds say

Portland business owner calls riots and coronavirus ‘terrifying’ challenges
After two months of daily and nightly protests and rioting, business owners in the city of Portland, Ore., are feeling fearful and uncertain what to do next to reclaim their businesses.

On Tuesday night’s edition of “Fox News @ Night,” host Shannon Bream talked with Stacey Gibson, owner of five fast-food restaurants in the Portland area, including one in the troubled downtown section.

“It’s terrifying,” Gibson said about trying to keep her businesses alive – and her employees in their jobs – amid the twin disasters of the coronavirus and the rioting, which Bream described as a “one-two punch.” CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.


– Biden’s notes suggest Kamala Harris may be his chosen running mate: reports
– Ingraham: House Democrats took cues from rioters in attempting ‘reputational assassination’ of Barr
– California considers its own $600 weekly benefit if Congress fails to act: report
– Houston drivers not paying tickets make 550,000 ineligible for license renewal: study
– California man apparently set on fire in gruesome death, family claims; investigation underway

– Apple CEO Cook says his company is “uniquely American” with no “dominant market share”
– Fed wrestles with its next moves as virus stalls US economy
– Spirit Airlines says 20% to 30% of workers at risk of furloughs

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Laura Ingraham offered proof there’s “been virtually no distance between the mobs in Portland and Seattle trying to burn down federal buildings and the Democrats on Capitol Hill.” And once again, she continued, they’ve “proved our point.”

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